Before you register for a course , please carefully read the following . By registering for a course, you hereby fully accept them .


  1. Once again , read next information "What is Vipassana" and "Code of Discipline". During the course you will have to strictly adhere to all the requirements of the Code of Discipline - make sure you can do it .
  2. Make sure you clearly understand the following:
    1. Vipassana meditation courses are not religious, medical ( in the physiological or psychological sense ) philosophical or scientific activities;
    2. Vipassana meditation courses are NOT the way to spend your free time or intellectual entertainment ;
    3. Vipassana meditation courses, usually accompanied by the experience of intense physical and mental discomfort states.
  3. Make sure you clearly understand that participation in courses of Vipassana meditation is kept completely voluntary initiative adult mentally healthy person who is responsible for their decisions and their consequences. If you have these or other psychological problems , you must declare them in the fields questionnaire.
  4. Make sure that your relatives, friends, employees and other people who depend from you, fully understand the fact that during the course you will be not available for any kind of personal contact (phone and Internet) for ten days.
  5. Make sure you have created a technological preconditions for the contacting with the registrars of Vipassana :  
    1. You have filled correct email and telephone number in the applied form;
    2. Your mail system can accept messages from the registration system (with address [email protected]), avoiding mark them as spam;
    3. Your phone number in the application form is corrcet and could receive calls.
  6. Course organizers unable to meet different culinary preferences of a large number of students. If for some time you practice a certain diet and it is not related to medical necessity, you will need to stop it for a ten days course (but not more than these ten days). It's about raw food, milk and fermented milk diet, separate food, suneating, nutrition, nuts and pollen feeding on (insert_your_name_here). On the Vipassana courses students serving vegetarian dishes made from the area's traditional products in the usual way. For Ukraine it soups, porridge, salads. If you feel that at this stage of your life is more important to you to maintain a commitment to a particular diet, than to get the technique of purifying the mind of accumulated dirt, please, give up the course. Come when you'll be ready to fully and unconditionally accept all the rules and regulations of the course.
  7. You understand that the registration and organizing Vipassana courses is done by old students on a solely voluntary basis, not for financial reward, by deovting their personal free time, resources and efforts. We make all depending from us to ensure that the registration process was held as promptly as possible, but it can occur some errors and delays .
  8. You understand and agree that the organizing committee and registrars of Vipassana can deny you admission to the course at any time due to unreliability or inadmissibility of your personal data, untimely submission of the questionnaire, untimely improve its data due to your negligence, non-confirming applied form or any other reason.

We wish you a successful course :)

And may all beings be happy!

The Organizing Committee of Vipassana , Ukraine.