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Dear Dhamma friends, 

Ukraine is in a very difficult and challenging situation. How can we use Vipassana to help us in these troubled times? 

  • Let us try to keep our daily practice. We have reinstated daily online group sittings at 07:00hrs and 20:00hrs. Teachers will participate as much as possible and you are welcome to ask questions at the end. You will find the Zoom link on the Meditation Online page

  • Don’t forget to practice Metta. This is very important, especially now. There is so much agitation, aggression, mis-information and emotion around and it is so easy to get agitated, angry, desperate, panicked or depressed. We are all experiencing suffering, whether as victims or as perpetrators. It is often good to first practice Metta towards yourself to help with any negativities you might be experiencing and then extend this Metta to others. 

May peace and harmony prevail!